What essential oil is good for anxiety?

It is likely that you have come across articles that discuss aromatherapy and the benefits it has to treat medical issues. There are a plethora of essential oils on the market, and each of the oils has been shown to assist with a variety of conditions we encounter throughout our lives. The most essential oil which is believed to ease anxiety is lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most well-known aromatherapy options for anxiety. It is a potent anxiolytic with a variety of characteristics. Anxiolytics could be described as an assortment of medications like antidepressants and antihistamines. These are often prescribed to treat anxiety-related problems. Contrary to the physical drugs that contain lavender essential oil, it may be inhaled through aromatherapy to provide the same advantages that are experienced if one took prescribed medication. If you’re not a big fan of the scent of lavender or want to think about other options, you’ll be glad to learn that there’s lots of alternatives in the marketplace.

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Citrus Essential Oil

Essential oils of citrus or orange can be utilized to create a stronger, yet more stimulating, scent. The oil differs from lavender essential oil as it improves the atmosphere and helps to ease anxiety. The increase in alertness, combined with the relaxing effects of anxiolytic effects, results in a steady and balanced state of mind which is ideal for grounding your mind or meditative. If you choose to use the citrus essential oil prepare yourself for a strong scent. You may prefer a subtler scent.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

One of the gentlest scents provided by an essential oil currently available is sandalwood. Sandalwood essential oil is derived from the eastern Indian Sandalwood tree, which is also known as the Santalum album. The essential oil is recognized as being warm and earthy, and has anxiolytic properties that can aid with anxiety when inhaled or applied topically. Sandalwood essential oil and lavender essential oil share similar abilities to calm anxiety. Additionally, they have subtle scents. A majority of people are in agreement that Sandalwood aromatherapy is the most soothing.


There are more than 12 essential oils available in the market that can be employed to treat anxiety. The three mentioned above are merely suggestions from research and the popularity. As with any alternative treatment, it’s important to do your own research in order to determine if this method is right for you. Lavender essential oil and citrus essential oil and sandalwood essential oil are highly rated and highly recommended by customers for their soothing abilities. Aromatherapy can be subjective , and it is possible to choose other essential oils. Contact us today or stop by today and let our highly qualified staff help you find the right essential oil to suit your situation!


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